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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tips Anak Mudah Baca Quran

Jom kita sama2 amalkan semoga ank2 kita mudah membaca Al-Quran....

1. Keep the mood loving.

2. Play Quran softly in the home during their playtime, morning routine, or end-of-night routine.

3. Aim to have two sessions of quran alphabet flashcards with your baby in a day.

4. Let them know that something very special will follow after the quran time, like a playtime with mom or a baby stroller walking outside the house and lots of hugs and cuddles.

5. When they can start baby talking, start recite a quick surah with them before any new activity.

6. Play quran surahs in the car on the way to anywhere when they are with you.

7. Recite short quran surahs with them while you lay them down to bed.

9. Recite Quran with them while you push them on a swing.

10. Lastly to make it more effective, TURN OFF all the noises in the house. Give your child a special treat daily, like ice cream. Let them enjoy it to the soft peaceful sounds of QURAN!.
Tips ni saya amik dr SINI
Saya sgt admirer dengan ank2 Lina Karim (admin) dah comel2, bijak2 pulak tu..saya akan berusaha bersungguh2 tuk ajar ank2 saya juga, w/pun agak lewat tp masih   belum terlambat insyaAllah....

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