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Monday, November 8, 2010

Back from school : Mama temper

Today, back from school mama hot and temper..don't know why..maybe tired at work... 
As usual abg and adik never skip to request for ice cream every time back from school, so mama give RM 1.00 to buy 2 ice cream and abg went to kedai cik Ani bought 2 ice cream Mat Kool, unfortunately... ice cream for adik jatuh... abg hurry to inform mama, which mama was tired to bring out all stuff from car. Without take long time to think mama was shout to abg "mama bagi duit RM1 tuk beli 2 ice cream, awk dh, mama xkan tambah duit lain.. that your u have share 1 ice cream..." abg just look at mama sadly and share ice cream with adik.... in my heart mama said "sorry sayang, mama not mean it" and mama moved direct to kitchen to prepare dinner...i am sorry sayang....

after preparing dinner, mama shower abg n adik, everything going smooth... abg said "mama, zizul lapar.." and adik said "nak acik (nak nasi)"...kesian my heroes, hungry... "mama solat marghrib 1st, then mama feed u,ok?" "ok, mama"

while mama write this, abg "mama, zizul nk air" "ni ha air kopi, td ckp nk air kopi" abg take mug and drink then he bring mug in front of TV and mama shout again "abg... please put mug here!!!" abg ask me "mama, nape mama nk marah ajer"..mama "?????? emm.. sorry sayang, mama xnk air tumpah sana" yes, mama realized that mama cepat marah....sorry syg... abg still cool and said "mama, zizul tinggalkan sket air tuk mama ni"...o... so sweet dear... i am sorry.. mama love u...

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