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Friday, November 5, 2010

My Sony DSC-T30

This is my sony and now i called it c-nony..we bought it a day before my 1st hero born. My 1st hero birth is 29 Jun 2006, that mean my c-nony birth on 28 Jun 2006.  More than 4 year, we use it but since we bought hp with camera, c-nony not always use, just sometime.. but......
since i have own blog, my c-nony is berguna semula...hik..hik... always in my hand bag.. every moment, i take pic. really luv it... and now my 1st hero can handle this, he love take pic too... time by time i teach him how to snap pic better...w/pun latest camera much better than my c-nony, i luv it... really meaningful for me and my family....a thousand pic was taken by my c-nony BUT.....i also aim for camera with panorama function...(someone want give present to me)...hehehe....

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